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Cocoa Lovers (16)
Cocoa Lovers (16)
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With 16 handcrafted chocolates, our Cocoa Lovers Collection gives you flavor to spare, whether you share with friends or enjoy them alone. Global flavors abound in this, our second largest collection of delights. Tempt the chocolate lover in your life with creamy caramels, toasted nuts and dark, rich chocolate ganache creations.






Crème Brulee

Chocolate crème brulee nestled in a bittersweet chocolate cup

Grey Salt Caramel

Artisan-Chocolate-Gray-Salt-CaramelButtery brown sugar and vanilla bean caramel enrobed in bittersweet chocolate and a dusting of French Grey Sea Salt.

Coconut Cream

coconut cream

Fresh coconut cream and roasted almonds in a 57% bittersweet shell

Red Velvet

red velvet

A cream cheese milk and dark red velvet ganache finish in premium white chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate

Salted Caramel

salted carmel

Fresh caramel infused in a dark milk ganache with a pinch of Fleur de Sel


Spanish brut cava infused in a bittersweet ganache rolled in sparkle sugar

Classic Caramel

Classic Caramel 3 

Traditional walnut caramel half-dipped and decorated in bittersweet chocolate


Milk chocolate & hazelnuts dipped in milk chocolate & dusted with hazelnut praline


Fresh raspberry puree in a 57% bittersweet ganache

Key Lime

Key lime juice & zest in a white chocolate ganache with roasted coconut


cheese cake

Homemade cinnamon graham cracker layered with a creamy white chocolate cheesecake

Strawberry Balsamic

strawberry balsamicStrawberry preserves with Balsamic vinegar in a white chocolate ganache

Dulce de Leche

dulce de leche

Homemade sweet, creamy caramel with a coffee-infused milk ganache and a dash of Bailey’s liqueur

Cocoa d'Or


75% bittersweet Tanzanian chocolate ganache enrobed with edible gold