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Cocoa Dolce artisan confections are created from some of the finest ingredients in the world. Our primo line of chocolates is truly made from the rarest cacao on earth, Fortunato No. 4 – the first beans to be certified by the USDA as genetically pure.

The name Fortunato No. 4 derives from two facts: the Pure Nacional "mother tree" was found in the Marañon Canyon on the property of the Fortunato family and the USDA declared the fourth genetic sample tested to be the legendary lost cacao.

Cocoa Dolce is fortunate to be the exclusive Kansas retailer of this, the rarest chocolate in the world. It has an intense chocolate flavor, with a floral aroma and persistent mellow richness. Its smooth body and lack of bitterness is remarkable. We are excited and proud to offer Fortunato No. 4 in solid bar and ganache forms.


Nacional cacao was first discovered in Ecuador in the 1600s. It was introduced to Europe by a Swiss chocolate maker in the early 1800s and dominated the world's fine chocolate market for the next century. In 1916, this favorite chocolate was struck by disease and 95% of the world's Nacional supply was destroyed. In an effort to recover, Pure Nacional cacao was cross-bred with disease resistant varieties, which resulted in inferior flavors. True Pure Nacional chocolate was lost for almost 100 years.

In 2009, Pure Nacional cacao was rediscovered in a remote river valley in Peru, causing an uproar in the world of chocolate. This is the chocolate of legend – not only had Pure Nacional been resurrected but the cacao beans were pure white, a mutation that occurs when trees are left undisturbed for hundreds of years. Common cacao beans have a purplish hue but white cacao beans are very rare, especially in such a high concentration. White cacao beans turn brown when roasted and are unrelated to what is known as "white chocolate."

Each purchase of our Fortunato No. 4 chocolates helps fund donations of rice stoves for farm families in the Marañon Canyon region. The stoves are fueled by rice hulls, an unused by-product of local rice mills. Using rice stoves helps lessen the chance of spontaneous combustion in hull piles and also lessens the use of wood stoves, which produce more smoke pollution.

Read more about the rice stove program and how you can help (PDF).

Cocoa Dolce is Proud to be a Founding Circle Member of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative

SAVE THE CHOCOLATE! The diamonds of chocolate are vanishing and could be lost forever unless we act to identify, preserve and propagate them. That's why we became Founding Circle Members of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative (HCP). A partnership between the Fine Chocolate Industry Association and the USDA, the HCP is a totally new way to evaluate, identify, and value cacao that has special, extraordinary, and/or unique flavor cacao and reward the family farms who grow it by helping them achieve the same or even greater income than they would by selling ordinary or bulk cacao. Click here to learn more about HCP.

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